In my years at CEDR, I have seen the organisation be involved in the development of the use of mediation into all different areas of our society. 

This report below that HMRC continue to develop the use of mediation for the resolution of tax disputes is but one example. CEDR, and my colleague Graham Massie played a key role in working with HMRC to train the first cohort of mediator/facilitators for this initiative.

This is but one example of many. Others include:

- the development of Clinical Negligence mediation resulting in a very successful scheme co-delivered by CEDR on behalf of NHS Resolution

- our current work being led by myself working with ICSID and Energy Charter Secretariat to develop the use of mediation in Investor-State Disputes.

-the use of mediation skills in the resolution of Corporate Governance Disputes within Boards.

We will continue to push the boundaries for more use of mediation in all areas of society in furtherance of our vision of Better Conflict, Better Outcomes, Better World.

James South is the Managing Director of CEDR and a mediator, conflict resolver and trainer with 24 years experience, having worked in over 30 countries helping individuals, business and government implement techniques and systems to better resolve conflict and improve dialogue.