Reading about the possibility of a mediated resolution of a dispute arising out of a mass shooting, reminded me how effective mediation is as a process for finding agreement to disputes which occur in the most heartbreaking and emotional contexts. Just the other day I read of a Chilean court ordering mediation between Church and alleged abuse victim.

And my work at CEDR constantly demonstrates such examples, with cases including:

  • NHS mediation in clinical negligence disputes via our NHS Resolutions scheme
  • A recent attendee of the CEDR Mediator Skills training programme who is using their newly developed mediator skills to manage conflict between parents and surrogates in surrogacy arrangements that have broken down
  •  Eileen Carroll and Fiona Colquhoun who regularly mediate disputes between high net-worth individuals and their employers 

These are but three examples of talented mediators using mediation in situations where the personal impact of a dispute on an individual has been severe and life-changing and, importantly, lets their voice be heard and agree on a resolution which they have negotiated. 

These examples demonstrate the diversity and power of the mediation process.

James South is the Managing Director of CEDR and a mediator, conflict resolver and trainer with 24 years experience, having worked in over 30 countries helping individuals, business and government implement techniques and systems to better resolve conflict and improve dialogue.