As a visitor to Findhorn, I can safely attest to its extraordinary beauty. 

This article, plus the BBC News piece covering the same topic, highlights very plainly where and how much can be saved in a case where mediation is used, instead of costly litigation (or new laws having to be written). The mediation costing a reported £15k whereas a new bylaw would have cost £35k. 

It also shows the passion of disputing groups when driven/inspired by their natural environment - "antis" as some folk call them vs the local shooting lobby vs those from the South to shoot game, all creating a situation ripe for a dispute. 

It looks like the Wildfowling permit didn't take account properly these factions and so wasn't up to scratch (evident also by the low take-up). Wildfowling is an integral part of the Moray area but consideration of all parties was required and a sensible policy drawn up to serve the traditions and preservation of the area.

Ned Collier is a Marketing & Communications Manager at CEDR.