With so many auto-correcting word processors flipping Mediation to Meditation, and vice versa, that errant “T” is a regular trap for the unwary. So I was unnecessarily excited to see Dan Pink’s tweet last week about a Baltimore elementary school that successfully introduced meditation into the classroom and achieved impressive results in reducing misbehaviour and student suspensions.  

But then I heard our Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, talk about the role that mediation can play in reducing conflict on London's streets.  She said that "mediating between gangs...is something that [the police] do...Getting some of these people in a room is quite hard often, but sometimes just cooling things down between groups is the most important thing you can do".  

So there we have it.  The battle over whether the "T" should be in or out turns out to be a score draw - both mediation and mediation can have a beneficial impact on our young people.  So how do we make it happen?

Graham Massie is a member of CEDR Chambers, a panel of highly experienced mediators with proven excellence in providing mediation, training and consultancy services to clients. 

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