Just as in mediation, when you put people and their needs at the heart of a dispute you get the best outcomes. 

I enjoyed this article in The Times recently by Sir Alan Ward on how one of his cases, when at the Royal Courts of Justice became the basis for a book and then a film. The fact that he prioritised the young man at the heart of the case is very indicative of an approach a mediator might take in helping the parties find a resolution. And the fact that Alan has been chair of the Civil Mediation Council for five years should come as no surprise. Hearing him talk in person, just as in this article, about the importance of prioritising the needs of those in a conflict helps one to see that seeing the world through the lense of a mediator is often best approach to successful dispute resolution.

To learn more about how and why a mediator behaves read this article by CEDR's Nicola Duggan on why to gain a Mediation Skills Accreditation.

Andy Rogers has been a commercial mediator since 2007, mediating in general commercial, agency, property, probate and public sector disputes. He is Co-Chair of the Civil Mediation Council's Standards and Registration Committee. Prior to joining CEDR in 2005, Andy was a Senior Communications Account Director in two leading public relations consultancies. To learn more about Andy' mediation practice and to book him as a mediator, email adr@cedr.com or contact 020 7536 6060.