One of the points that is frequently made by respondents to CEDR's biennial Mediation Audit is that more needs to be done to raise awareness of our field amongst the general public.  

Maybe the recent story-line about Shula and Alistair's mediation in The Archers will help, although recent episodes suggest that things aren't going too well for them.  So maybe we should look at news from further afield, such as this simple story from Shanghai about 33-year-old Shi Liangyan, who has resolved 398 disputes in the past four years - she quit her job in a law firm to become a mediator after discovering the diary of her late father, himself a well known mediator: “I thumbed through it and found how happy he was when he could successfully resolve a dispute,”  she said.

The article also reports that Shanghai now has 27,000 mediators, including more than 8,700 working full time, and they have resolved more than 1.5 million disputes.  

So our Audit may show some impressive results for mediation, but it sounds like we've still got a long way to go to catch up just one city in China.

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