Whether it’s small c or Big C conflicts, we mediators and ADR experts are more needed than ever to support our families, communities, countries and businesses in their journey toward reconciliation. Conflict and negotiation expert William Ury said that the key to his (and Roger Fisher’s) bestseller “Getting to Yes”, came from studying the field of mediation and, in particular, community mediation.  According to Ury, the ultimate resolution of conflicts is not a settlement. It is the reconciliation of the issues themselves and the strengthening of the main relationships.  The question of whether we can transform even the big C conflicts into effective and manageable conflict is, “Yes if”. Ury says the “if” depends on us and it is always a big “IF”. It requires courage to face our own conflicts, to look into the mirror, to forgive, to apologise, to truly listen and to engage in authentic dialogue, even with those who would exclude us.

Susanne Schuler is a Director of Training & Consultancy at CEDR. To inquire about training requirements call the Skills team on 020 7536 6000 or email training@cedr.com