Congratulations to Zoe Carew, aged 7, for taking action after she discovered that warning signs about people installing or fixing power lines in her area referred to "Linemen".   Congratulations too to the New Zealand Transport Agency for responding to her suggestion.  They couldn't fit "Line Worker" on the sign so they're going with "Line Crew" - a subtle acknowledgement to Zoe's intervention.

Maybe Zoe should take a look at the commercial mediation profession which the recent CEDR Mediation Audit reported is still dominated by white (90%) men (65%) of a certain age (average 59).  As my colleague James South said "“It is important that there is full diversity amongst mediators that represent the diverse nature of society as a whole. The sad reality is that this is currently not the case in the marketplace”. This is why CEDR has launched the first in-depth diversity, inclusion and belonging project within the mediation profession. 

And I hope that one day we'll see Zoe at our CEDR New Dialogues programme which offers a unique opportunity for young and emerging leaders in business, the community and the law to develop 21st Century, conflict management, negotiation, communication and leadership skills.

As she's demonstrated, you are never too young to have a voice.

For further details of these initiatives from the CEDR Foundation, see: